TMJ in Anchorage, AK

Woman who had TMJ treatment in Anchorage, AK

What is TMJ Therapy?

TMJ is an acronym for the Temporomandibular Joint. This joint is the intersection of your jaw bone with your skull and is the epicenter of a huge cluster of nerves. Hence any issues in the TMJ can cause major pain. Issue in the TMJ are often referred to as TMD (temporomandibular disorder). We can help diagnose and treat TMD right here in our office.

The TMJ Treatment

  • You will first need to come in and meet with our doctors for an exam. During this exam it will be determined what your exact issue is and options will be discussed.
  • Depending on your treatment option, your will be prepped for treatment accordingly.
  • Depending on the extent of the treatment, your healing time will vary. Dental technology has come a long way though so you may be surprised at just how quickly your TMJ issues can be resolved.
  • Live happily! TMJ pain free!

Benefits of TMJ Treatment

Man who had TMJ treatment in Anchorage, Alaska

  • MIGRAINE FREE | TMD is a well-known cause of serious migraines. Migraines can be debilitating and truly interfere with your life. Don’t suffer through them any longer! Schedule a visit with us to clear up those TMJ issues permanently.
  • RANGE OF MOTION | TMD can lead some people to dread eating, smiling or even talking because of the pain which can be triggered. When we address your TMJ issue(s), you will get full range of motion back to your jaw.
  • INCREASED HEALTH | TMD can cause Chronic Fatigue Symptom, ear pain and Tinnitus, sleep disorders and disturbances and many other substantial issues. Addressing your TMJ issues now can not only potentially increase your lifespan but IMPROVE your life!
  • MORE ENERGY | TMD can zap your body of energy through sleep deprivation and tension. When your TMJ issues are resolved, you should be able to sleep better and not carry the constant tension associated with TMD. This means more energy for you to spend on things you love!

Don’t suffer through TMD pain any longer. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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