General & Family Dentistry in Anchorage, AK

We don’t just do great cosmetic dentistry. We would love to take care of your whole family’s dental needs. Quality dentistry is part of a healthy lifestyle and we strive to help our patients lead the happiest, healthiest lives possible!

Below is a list of our general and family dentistry services:

ROOT CANALS | Root canals can conjure up images equivalent to horror movies for some. Fear not! Our root canal therapy treatments are calm and comfortable. Better yet, they will completely eliminate any pain you may be dealing with due to a damaged tooth nerve.

HYGIENE | Maintaining optimal oral health is part of leading an overall healthy life. Science continues to link oral health to overall health. We take this connection seriously make sure we provide the best dentistry possible to our patients both large and small.

SEDATION DENTISTRY | Despite advancements in dental technology and comfort we understand the fear and anxiety some experience when even thinking about visiting the dentist. We have built a bridge for these patients to cross, in order to get the quality dental care they need. We offer several sedation dentistry options to make your visit calm and yes, even enjoyable.

Family who visited our family dentistry in Anchorage, AlaskaTOOTH-COLORED FILLINGS | Just because you need a filling doesn’t mean everyone should be able to see it. We offer tooth-colored fillings which most will never even notice. Beyond the aesthetics, research is showing some metal fillings can actually lead to health issues later on.

EMERGENCY DENTISTRY | Sometimes life can throw you a curveball–literally. When accidents happen, we’re here to help. Whether a car accident or a high-and-inside pitch catches you off guard, we can help set your smile straight and keep you grinning—no matter what life throws at you.

We would love for you to stop by and visit! See for yourself why our patients love us and choose to make us their dental home.

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