Dental Crowns and Bridges in Anchorage AK

What is a Dental Crown?

The crown of a tooth is the visible portion of the tooth above the gum line. When a tooth become damaged to such an extent that it is no longer prudent to keep it, a dental crown is a fantastic option.

Our dental crowns are made of the highest quality materials which remarkably resemble the beauty and strength of a natural tooth. Often a dental crown is placed on the natural tooth structure to ensure the healthiest and longest-lived smile possible. You will most likely not even be able to tell the difference between your new dental crown and a natural tooth.

Dental Crown Benefits

  • AESTHETICS | Dental technology has come a long way! The modern materials used to craft dental crowns even resemble the natural sheen and translucency of a natural tooth. We can even match the color of the new dental crown to a degree which almost no one would be able to tell it’s not your real tooth.
  • FUNCTION | Just because your new dental crown looks great, don’t think for a second you will compromise performance. You will be able to eat, chew and smile without even noticing your dental crown.
  • DURABILITY | We use impressively strong materials in our dental crowns. In fact, it would not be unusual for your quality dental crown to outlast you.

What is a Dental Bridge?

Image representing a dental bridge in Anchorage, AKA dental bridge is similar to a dental crown in that a bridge is simply a sequence of dental crowns affixed to each other. Dental Bridges are intended to fill in a gap or space in a smile. Dental bridges are attached to adjacent teeth or dental implants and are a permanent solution for a missing tooth. Similar materials are used to create a dental bridge as what is used for a dental crown. This means beauty, functionality and durability.

Schedule a visit today to find out if dental crowns or a dental bridge are the best solution for you.

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